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Custom Fabrics from TWG in Middletown, NY

When you are looking to update the drapes in your bedroom or living roomTWG Fabrics & Home Decorating Center in Middletown, NY has all the custom fabrics to match your style and budget. We also have a professional staff of seamstresses, craftspeople, and skilled artisans to help revive your grandmother’s old chair. We understand that a lot of furniture is considered a family heirloom and can be difficult to part with, which is why we offer comprehensive preservation services. We are your number one choice in Middletown and Orange County to obtaining the custom fabrics and upholstery services you need to make your house feel more like home.  

Custom Fabrics in Middletown

TWG Answers Custom Fabric & Window Treatment Questions


Are there samples available in your TWG Showroom?

Yes, our showroom in Middletown, NY has fabric samples available in your newly renovated Hunter Douglass showroom 

Can I use drapery fabric and upholstery fabric interchangeably?

While yes, you technically can, there are some cautions to the project. Drapery fabric is traditionally less resilient than upholstery fabric, so it would be better for decorative or throw pillows and not the actual couch. Upholstery fabric can undoubtedly be used for drapery, though upholstery fabrics tend to be a bit stiffer than drapery. It may not give you the flowing feeling of conventional drapes. 

Are your fabrics environmentally safe?

TWG Fabrics & Home Decorating Center sources our fabrics directly from the manufacturer. All of the fabrics we acquire comply with OEKO-tex 100 standard. They do not contain any harmful substances and are in total harmony with the environment. 

Do you offer custom sizing for curtains/drapes?

Absolutely! Once you bring in your measurements, we will create curtains and drapes based on those sizes. We can also work on styling them exactly how you would like and can provide suggestions to help improve the room. 

Does TWG Fabrics & Home Decorating Center also provide hanging hardware?

We have the hardware to fit a sophisticated, casual, or modern look. We can help with suggesting hardware to compliment the chosen fabrics. Our designers have been in the business for the past two decades and will enlighten you to the newest trends or help you go for a retro look.  

What’s the difference between standard drapery and custom drapery?

Standard draperies are readily available in the following sizes at TWG Fabrics & Home Decorating Center:   

  • 50” W x 84” L 
  • 50” W x 96” L 
  • 50” W x 108” L 
  • 50” W x 120” L 
  • 100” W x 84” L 
  • 100” W x 96” L 
  • 100” W x 108’ L 
  • 100” W x 120” L 

Custom draperies, on the other hand, are made to fit your window dimensions while also fitting your chosen décor style. Draperies are a highlight of any room and will draw the eyes of guests. We help make sure they are the perfect length to properly enhance the room.  

What drapery styles do you offer?

We currently offer five styles of drapery for your home or office: 

  • Soft Top: Makes beautiful casual draperies, that hooks with drapery rod rings to be either opened or closed to your liking. Soft Top draperies automatically come with a pocket sewn in to hold the rod. The soft top is considered a casual style that creates gentle folds for the drapery. The critical attribute for soft-top draperies is to select the right amount of fullness to help when the drapery panels get drawn in. It forms fuller-looking folds.  
  • Rod Pocket: Designed to be stationary drapery, the rod pocket style will help add texture to the room and give the window a soft outline. They can be challenging to draw in regularly because they do not hang from rings. 
  • Two-pinch or Three-pinch: Great for living rooms or formal dining rooms this option features pleats pinched either two or three inches from the top to help provide a more structured and formal look.   
  • Euro Pleated: If you are looking for a more modern and structured look for your drapes, then this option will satisfy all of your design needs. The pinch at the top identifies and gives it that gives it a waterfall effect.   
  • Grommet: Keeps a casual atmosphere while completing the room by offering a modern aesthetic with effortless style. Our fabric extends about 1″ above the hanging hardware. Grommet style hanging rings are 2″ in diameter. 

What’s the ideal length of a drapery panel?

Depending on the look you want for your room, this will varyDrapery panels which hang ½” above the floor are associated with a more casual style. If you’re going for a more formal design, then you should have your drapes cut to flow onto the floor. You may also choose a length which meets the floor. 

Are all your draperies lined?

We use a privacy lining in all of our drapes, except sheer lining. Having both options available give you control over the amount of light allowed into the room. If you prefer no light gets in, then we have blackout lining as well.  

How do I take care of my loom furnishings?

Clean your window treatments with a low-suction, hand-held vacuum, or dusting with a clean cloth or duster periodically for maintenanceWhen you need to deep clean them due to spill or other accident, we would suggest you call a professional window treatment cleaner for assistance.  

For all other pieces, we highly recommend dry-cleaning to ensure they remain beautiful for many years to come while maintaining their structural integrityBasic washing can cause fabrics to fade or bleed. Plus, different types of fabric shrink at different rates and could cause your item to look damaged or warped. The professionals at dry cleaner will know exactly how to wash and preserve your pieces.   


Reach Out for Window Treatment Information from TWG

If you have other questions or wish to speak with one of our professional interior designers, reach out to us at TWG Fabrics & Home Decorating Center. We would be happy to answer any questions you may be having. You can call or email us at 845-343-3423 or You can also come to our showroom with measurements and ideas. We are located at 115 Wisner Ave Middletown, NY 10940, and are open Monday-Sunday.